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Communication services


Our creative team can help you with the design and layout of any of your printed or web-based publications. Manuals, reports, training materials, technical documents, leaflets, books, or any other material that your organization or initiative requires, we can help.


Our team is ready to support your organization or social enterprise in the process of branding and rebranding. We can coordinate the process of market research, evaluate the brand awareness and identity, build a brand inspirational board, generate potential logos, and develop your institutional identity manual.

Social media management

Social media is an essential tool to interact with your audiences, position rights-based messaging, disseminate evidence-based recommendations, and generate a wider base of support for your mission and vision.


We support organizations, networks, and collectives in the evaluation process of global and regional campaigns or information/education/communication efforts. By using an outcome-oriented and participatory approach, we evaluate the relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, and impact of your work.

Media monitoring

These days, organizations spend significant resources on their communication strategies and/or reacting to information disseminated by fake news or opposition groups. Yet, it is not always easy to know how different audiences are absorbing or perceiving messages. Our team can support you in developing and delivering the most impactful messages, by implementing media monitoring processes and text mining.

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