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Specialized content development

Our team of experts can support rights, development, and humanitarian actors in the delivery of high quality reports, institutional memories, capability statements, case studies, online platforms, and technical documents. Our team follows an audience-centred approach to complete these tasks, which may involve a process of audience segmentation, data collection, desk review, brainstorming of keywords, content drafting, feedback, copy-editing, and translation.

Case Study


Collaboration: 2014–2016 safe2choose is a social enterprise whose mission is to provide safe and accessible abortion pills to women who want them. In 2014, our team was invited to offer content development support to this initiative. Over 18 months we supported safe2choose to develop protocols, clinical guidelines and training tools, as well as website content and client user guides. Additionally, in 2016 the IWORDS Global Team assisted safe2choose in the development of content for a website on Reproductive Rights and Access to Safe Abortion in times of Zika.

decidoYo (2016)

Annual Report (2020)

findmymethod (2019)

Our multidisciplinary team has worked with organizations, initiatives, and networks throughout Latin America, MENA, Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

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