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With expert native linguists in a wide variety of languages, we can meet all our partner’s copy-editing needs. Our team excels in identifying key terms, checking for inconsistencies, and fine-tuning style and grammar, always resulting in a high-quality final text.

Our copy-editors can work with your team to ensure that documents follow best style practices and to guarantee that key messages are strategically presented throughout. We can also support you in rewording to ensure compliance with word limits (i.e. when submitting proposals to donors).

Examples of documents we often copy-edit include:

Technical publications

Donor reports

Resource mobilization documents (including proposals, capability statements, theories of change, logic frameworks, etc)

Evaluation reports

Case studies

Over 50 million words translated since our foundation.

“IWORDS provides excellent, highly accurate translations across a number of languages. The team is punctual, dependable, and always quick to respond to translation requests. It is a pleasure to work with them and I would recommend their services to all those who desire consistency and a willingness to accommodate client-specific preferences for translation and editing services.”

Georgina Carter
The Palladium Group

Report Health in the Last Mile

A document developed by IWORDS Communications for the IFRC and the Norwegian Red Cross.

A How-to-guide to Cervical Cancer Screening and Treatment Programmes

A document developed by IWORDS Communications for IPPF.

Case Studies


Collaboration: 2015–ongoing

Palladium is committed to helping their clients by ‘formulating strategies, building partnerships, and implementing programmes that have a lasting social and financial impact’. We have been collaborating with Palladium for over five years through our language services department on copy-editing and translation of multiple documents, newsletters, and donor reports in different languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French).

Our team will copy-edit your documents following the best practices.

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