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We offer a wide variety of language combinations. At the heart of our specialized translation service, we understand that language is inherently political and that our linguistic choices have implications. We are fully committed to delivering the best quality each and every time while developing long-lasting relationships with our partners.

Our team of experienced native linguists is highly proficient in the fields of human rights, gender equality, health, sexual and reproductivehealth, the development agenda, relief, and others.

Our audience-centred approach and the use of CAT tools ensure that our language choices match the specificities of the final audience and that final products are consistent in their terminology.

Over 50 million words translated since our foundation.

“IWORDS has always provided very good customer service to MSI – the company has provided very fast turnaround on both French and Spanish translations, even when presented urgently at the last minute, and whether large or small. The company has helped us out of many difficult situations when we were up against the clock. They are easy to reach and always concerned whether we are happy with the quality; they have been happy to work with our glossary and lexicon in order to continuously improve.”

MSI Regional Director
West Africa and Latin America

“IPPF/WHR has been extremely pleased with the translation work done by IWORDS. From translating programmatic documents to communications materials, the quality of IWORDS’ work has been excellent”

Jennifer Friedman
Associate Director of Programs/Safe Abortion & Community-Based Programs (IPPF WHR)

Her in charge, medical abortion and women’s live. A call for action.

Cover of Her in charge - Medical abortion and women’s lives - A call for action.
A document translated by IWORDS Communications for IPPF.

Diverse and empowered girls, a practical guide for girls activists.

Cover of publication, "A practical guide for girl activists".
A document translated by IWORDS Communications for YWCA.

No es conciencia. Cuando los proveedores niegan la atención del aborto.

Cover of publication, "No es conciencia cuando los proveedores niegan la atencion del aborto".
A document translated by IWORDS Communications for IWHC and MYSU.

Case Studies

International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC)

Collaboration: 2015–ongoing

IWHC advances the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and young people, particularly adolescent girls, in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Since 2015, we have translated over 100,000 words in the combinations English-French, English-Spanish, and English-Portuguese.

Fòs Feminista

Collaboration: 2011–ongoing

Fòs Feminista is an ecosystem of twenty-five plus partner organizations in about 20 countries across the Americas and the Caribbean who together advance a common mission: ensuring universal access to sexual and reproductive health care. Since 2011, IWORDS Global has translated, transcribed, and copy-edited over 2 million words (technical publications, legal documents, quality of care tools, and institutional documents) in the combinations English-Spanish and English-Portuguese.

Our clients come from over 100 countries, and we love that!

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