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Web accessibility remediation

We go to great lengths to ensure your website meets the web accessibility standard. We also maximize the user experience for everyone and provide persons with disabilities the possibility of accessing your website’s content on equal terms. 

Our team follows three steps to guarantee web accessibility remediation: 

First step

We conduct a web accessibility audit to identify your website’s current mistakes.

Second step

We set a path to remediate mistakes and establish the necessary actions to correct them.

Third step

As necessary, we apply the corresponding changes in the website’s code or the configuration. For Content Management Systems (CMS), we also make adjustments in the configuration to ensure accessibility.

If you prefer that the web development team of your company or organisation handle the remediation directly, we can provide assistance. We love teamwork. In addition, we always consider the current situation of your company or organisation, and we support you if you need to implement a gradual remediation process.

Our clients come from over 100 countries, and we love that!

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