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Desktop publishing

Our creative team can help you with the design and layout of any of your printed or web-based publications. Manuals, reports, training materials, technical documents, leaflets, books, or any other material that your organization or initiative requires, we can help.
We can also reproduce the original format of any translated document, a critical part of the translation process.


Infographics are a great and innovative tool that companies and organizations can incorporate to present complex information in a user-friendly way. They transform complex information into graphics that are both easy to grasp and visually appealing. Results from a survey, a baseline for a project or programme, or anything you can imagine, a well-designed infographic makes the content easier to understand and more interesting for the audience.


We offer original drawings, developed by illustrators who are familiar with the concepts of gender, inclusion, and diversity. Illustrations are a great way to add playfulness and personality to your publications, posters, flyers, etc. particularly for younger audiences.

Our clients come from over 100 countries, and we love that!

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