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Media monitoring

Today, organizations spend significant resources on their communication strategies and, in some cases, on reacting to information disseminated by fake news or opposition groups. Yet, knowing how different audiences absorb or perceive messages is not always easy. Our team can support you in developing and delivering the most impactful messages, by implementing media monitoring processes and text mining.

Our service includes:

Word/tag cloud analysis

Word frequency that gives greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in a source text

Temporal analysis

The interesting events that occurred in temporal data by days, hours, minutes, or seconds

Geo-localization analysis

Exact information about the place where people are posting the term of interest

Sentimental analysis

What the public thinks or ‘feels’ about a specific topic

Other media monitoring processes

Identification of who says what, in which channels, to whom, and with what effect

Strategic road map delivery

Delivery of a final product—based on your needs—including objectives, key messages, recommended communication channels, strategic opportunities, and context-based response strategies for particular situations

Our multidisciplinary team has worked with organizations, initiatives, and networks throughout Latin America, MENA, Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

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