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Our history

IWORDS Communications is a leading provider of high quality, effective, inclusive, context-specific, and culturally appropriate written and visual content. We achieve that by providing specialized language and content development services, communication solutions, and resources on inclusive communication to all stakeholders engaged in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and other global, regional, and local human rights, development, and humanitarian frameworks of action. 

IWORDS Communication is an affiliate of IWORDS Global—a social entrepreneurship with over a decade of experience in human rights, development, and sustainability. It aims to strengthen civil society organizations, multilateral agencies, movements, networks, and social responsibility efforts, and support them in their work in reaching the most vulnerable populations.

IWORDS Consulting is a leading provider of solutions that support institutional strengthening, mobilization of resources, learning, and accountability. Visit our site!

IWORDS Grassroots is our social responsibility unit. We support locally-led groups in their efforts to create change at community and individual level. We do that through the provision of tailored support on strategic planning, project design, policies and accountability, and monitoring and evaluation.

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